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Hey There Cthulhu

Hey there Cthulhu - Female Cover

This is an awesome parody of the song Hey There Delilah originally written by the Plain White T's. Eben Brooks wrote the parody ...

4 years ago 3:56 66,506

Hey There Cthulhu-Cover

Of all the dark and gibberous spawn of Hell that have invaded my Channel this Halloween season, none are as close to me as the ...

5 years ago 3:52 3,441

Hey there Chtulhu music video

a music video created with microsoft paint. I did NOT create the music only the picture. the music is by ebenbrooks, chech out his ...

6 years ago 3:56 5,284

Eben Brooks: Hey There Cthulhu! [720p HD, Lyrics]

The song "Hey there Cthulhu" is a parody of the plain white T's "Hey There Delilah" (2005). The Song was written by the Eben ...

5 years ago 4:07 85,092

Trailer - CTHULHU SAVES THE WORLD Hey There Cthulhu Music Video

CGR Trailers presents a music video with the title "Hey There Cthulhu" for the video game Cthulhu Saves the World for the Xbox ...

6 years ago 2:14 60,988

Hey There Cthulhu (new live performance) [a Lovecraftian song]

MP3 NOW AVAILABLE: or A newer video of Eben ...

8 years ago 5:40 22,636

Hey There Cthulhu - Female Cover

Female cover of Eben Brooks' "Hey There Cthulhu." Musical cover and sword dance (not shown) performed by Crocodile Tears in ...

2 years ago 4:29 3,499

Hey There Cthulhu

Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure Kickstarter: Cami playing Hey There Cthulhu by Eben Brooks ...

1 year ago 4:39 3,512

Hey There Cthulhu: The Photomontage Video [a Lovecraftian song]

MP3 NOW AVAILABLE!: or Having made a better ...

8 years ago 3:53 1,610,885

Hey There Cthulhu

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Hey There Cthulhu · In My Humble Opinion Won't You Scatter My Ashes ℗ 2015 I.M.H.O. (In My ...

1 year ago 4:34 59

Hey There Cthulhu

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Hey There Cthulhu · Eben Brooks O R'lyeh? Iä, R'lyeh! ℗ 2009 Eben Brooks Released on: ...

1 year ago 4:12 189

My Little Cultists

Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie plot to bring the triumph of evil over Equestria. Another commission by Maxwell Arbitten. Contact ...

4 years ago 4:12 13,239

Hey There Cthulhu (Hey There Delilah Parody) | Half Past Awkward

Cthulhu and the Lovecraftian world surrounding it has always fascinated me. So, I put this video together. I hope you like it!

6 months ago 3:10 206

Hey there Cthulhu - Female Cover (with video)

I was originally going to delete the version I put up with just a picture and replace it with this one, but I don't want to lose my ...

4 years ago 3:57 3,187

Hey There Chthulhu [a Lovecraftian song]

MP3 NOW AVAILABLE: or Eben Brooks ...

8 years ago 4:08 308,464

Hey There Cthulhu: Karaoke (No vocals version)

CD NOW AVAILABLE: and This is the "Hey There ...

8 years ago 3:53 6,012

Ask Lovecraft - Hey There Cthulhu

In which PH serenades you. With thanks to Eben Brooks and Alison Lonsdale and apologies to the Plain White T's.

1 year ago 4:19 1,686

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